About Benson Marine

We have a long and proud history of serving India's maritime sector, and are an established and trusted name today.

Started as a partnership firm in 1979 and incorporated as a private limited company in 1991, Benson Marine Services Pvt Ltd has been serving the Indian marine industry for over 40 years, providing sales and service of high-end electronic equipment to shipyards and other customers all over India.

Historically, our main focus has been in supplying and servicing marine electronic navigation systems in partnership with Tokyo Keiki Inc, Japan (formerly known as Tokimec), which is among our oldest partners. Over the years, we have added several more manufacturers as our partners, and in many cases, we are their exclusive agents in India. This has allowed us to expand into other equipment such as window wipers, meteorological and hydrological equipment, pilot chairs and nautical instruments, to name a few.
One of the founders of Benson Marine at a Tokimec (now known as Tokyo Keiki) factory in Japan, during the 1980s.
Benson Marine stand at the 2013 INMEX exhibition at Mumbai

In 2015, we made our first foray into the rail sector by supplying windscreen wipers manufactured by B. Hepworth & Co. Ltd., one of our partners for marine window wipers. This expansion has been a great success.

We have a hard-earned reputation as a reliable and dependable service provider, and we have a growing team of dedicated and highly-skilled engineers to thank for that. With factory-trained engineers located in the major ports of Mumbai, Kochi, Vizag and Haldia, we are able to cover India’s vast coastline with ease and at short notice. If necessary, we can also depute our engineers outside India. Every service job is meticulously planned and overseen by the company’s top management, to ensure the highest success rate in the shortest time possible.

By representing leading manufacturers worldwide, having a wealth of service experience, stocking a large inventory of spares, and maintaining a team of trained and dedicated engineers, we provide our customers with a high level of confidence and reassurance.